Is Stress Killing us?

We live in a busy world where the list of daily goals and responsibilities seems to never end. This can make our stress level go up significantly. How bad is stress for us? Can stress actually kill us? Seen from a biological point of view, stress is totally normal. If you happen to be in […]

The Difference Between Having a Moody Day and Negative Thinking.

Do you ever wake up and don’t feel like getting out of bed? Or have you ever had one of those days where it feels like nothing is right? We all experience moody days from time to time and they are completely normal. However, there is a big difference between having just a moody day […]

The TRUE Benefits Of Meditation

People have been using mediation for ages due to the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that it brings. Speaking from a scientific point of view, how does meditation affect the human body? The benefits of meditation start inside the brain. Brain scans show us that during meditation activities in areas related to decreased stress and […]

Power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking sounds like something that is so easy to do on the surface, but when you actually try to do it, you find yourself stuck.

The power of goals in every aspect of our life not just at work or in business.

Goals are quite important in one’s life. Goal setting is considered to be a skill of itself that can be mastered with time. When we talk about setting goals, people automatically think about work, business, or school. But setting goals doesn’t have to be only about this stuff, since life itself requires the need to […]

Signs you are overwhelmed

Ok, you are someone who has a lot to be thankful for. You take a birds eye-view of your life and you feel blessed. You have a great career and a full lifestyle at home. Your career is looking up. Your weekends are booked, back to back. Yet, you feel squeezed. In the small hours […]

Work from Home/Life balance in this new era.

Working from home wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays. Thanks to this pandemic, now almost 90% of the working people are locked in their homes, doing their job from there. As the boundaries that we used to have between work and home have started to disappear, how do we manage to find the balance […]

Is falling asleep during Meditation ok?

What many people call falling asleep during meditation, experts call it transcending. What many people call falling asleep during meditation, experts call it transcending. This is known as the fourth state of consciousness where the right and the left parts of the brain are functioning in sync. The body gets this deep rest but the […]