Do you ever wake up and don’t feel like getting out of bed? Or have you ever had one of those days where it feels like nothing is right?

We all experience moody days from time to time and they are completely normal. However, there is a big difference between having just a moody day and having a negative mindset. The first one isn’t so bad and it’s just a matter of perception. You can be the most positive person on Earth and you will still have your rainy days. It’s just how it works, and we are not supposed to be happy all the time.

It’s a problem when you allow negativity to ruin every day of your life. For example, if you woke up late and you are rushing to go to work, only to find out your car won’t start this morning. It’s totally fine to feel aggravated and rush to call a taxi but halfway to your work, you get stuck in traffic. It seems like no matter what you do to avoid being late doesn’t work, so you enter your office 30 minutes later, being in a bad mood.

Then you continue the rest of your day normally having only a few bad experiences throughout the day, which makes you call this a bad day at the end of it. That’s totally normal and it happens to all of us.

Negative thinking, on the other hand, is seeing things from a negative perspective, even if they are not. Suppose you wake up on time to go to work and the first thought you have on your mind is that this isn’t going to be a good day. You get in your car and you make it to the office fifteen minutes early, and as soon as you see your boss, you think that he or she has something against you. Your start working and things are going as normal but yet you keep thinking that something bad is bound to happen.

And that is when something small happens as you bump into somebody in the hallway and they spill their coffee on your shirt, and then you think that you were right all along about this being a bad day. Despite everything going as normal and having only one minor incident, you keep convincing yourself that this is a bad day and things will get worse.

That is called negative thinking. Having a moody day means having things not go your way all along no matter how much you try to find a positive solution for yourself. Having a negative mindset means thinking stuff will go wrong when they’re not and not trying to react in a positive way when they do.

If you find yourself being a person with a negative mindset then you should really work to change that. Be careful to not confuse the two between each other. Maybe you are a very positive person, but you just had a bad day.

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