Working from home wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays.

Thanks to this pandemic, now almost 90% of the working people are locked in their homes, doing their job from there. As the boundaries that we used to have between work and home have started to disappear, how do we manage to find the balance between the two? How do we get to focus on our work, when we are in front of our laptop at the kitchen table? 

In this article, we will discuss finding a healthy balance between work from home and life.

What does work/life balance mean? Work-life balance is the time invested by a person working in comparison to personal life such as family, friends, and interpersonal relationships. Many people struggle to keep a balance between the two since some of us tend to work longer hours and not spend enough time with our loved ones and others tend to spend a lot of time with their loved ones while being anxious for procrastinating at work.

Not finding a balance in this spectrum can lead to an unhealthy and emotionally damaging lifestyle. Here are some ways to find a balance between working from home and life.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you are new to working from home, don’t just create a new random routine that you think will work by itself. Take a diary and plan everything ahead of time. Schedule the time that you need to work and the breaks that you are going to take. Schedule the time that you will spend with your loved ones and the time that is needed to finish that work project, and you won’t have to worry about procrastinating nor overworking.

  1. Decide Your Workplace

You have to decide about this early in the process. Will you always work from home or would you rather work from a favorite coffee shop? You cannot do both because then you will find yourself wasting time going from one place to another. If you have decided to work solely from home then you can go out once you have finished what you need to do and vice-versa.  

  1. Unplug Your Distractions

One thing that people struggle with while working from home is distractions. If you are working at an office your phone will probably be on silent and you won’t take it out of your pocket until break time. However, when you are at home there are more distractions than just the phone. Turn off your TV, silent your phone, and keep away any food that might make you get up for a quick bite.

  1. Take Time For Your Personal Life

Spend all the free time that you have to enjoy yourself and in the company of those around you. If you are free on weekends, then traveling is the best idea, visit new parks or explore your own neighborhood, because working five days from the same house environment can get a little overwhelming. Go out, explore new places, and remember to have fun and really be in the moment, taking in your surroundings, take a deep breath, and be grateful for being able to experience it.

Do you have any good advice or want to share finding a good work/life balance while working from home? Please let us know in the comments below.

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