Visualization is one controversial topic that brings a lot of arguments between people who practice it and those who think it’s just for hippies.

There are a lot of benefits that come with it and we are not talking only about the law of attraction. ‘Simply visualize what you want and you will manifest it’. This quote is half true but it’s not the core of visualization like most people think it is. In this article, we will talk about the real importance of visualization and how it can affect your psychology in a healthy way.

We are programmable beings since our brains can be hardwired to accomplish the things that we want. Ever since we are born up to the age of seven years old, we function 100% subconscious, meaning that our brains pick up every single detail about the world, but cannot create something of themselves. This leads us to be programmed by those around us. Then once we grow up and we reach a certain age, we can see the patterns of our behaviors and how they are linked to the people that affected these behaviors since we were little.

If you were always told that no matter how hard you work for what you want to achieve success is just a matter of luck, then you will operate from that mindset on everything. Visualization comes into play here, to change the patterns that you were taught in your past and reshape your mind into believing more than you do now.

There is a link between our visual system and our bodies meaning that once we start believing in something that we once thought was impossible, we actually increase the chances of achieving it.

Visualization works like a bridge between who you are and you want to become in order to achieve what you want. Frequent meditation, writing down your goals every day, visualizing what you really want, don’t only help you become clearer on the inside, but also help you heal your anxiety during hard times.

Success starts in the mind, and once you learn how to control it you will find out that more is possible for you than your first thought. However, what people don’t realize is that visualization won’t do the work for you.

Most people are like, ‘I’m visualizing like I already got that job promotion and I truly believe in it. Why isn’t it happening?’ Believing that what you want is possible is only half of the work.

That increased level of belief alone isn’t enough to get you where you want. You must actually put the hours of work, show up early and stay up late, and demonstrate results in order to get that promotion.

Of course, everything is possible even without visualization, but it will just make the process way easier for you. You won’t have to feel drained while working hard and you won’t be overwhelmed by the fear of failure, because you will truly believe in what you are doing.

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