As human beings, we tend to concentrate more on the physical and material facets of life rather than the spiritual. We are so caught up in the former that we never have the time to think about the latter. However, gaining unconditional happiness and peace is only possible if we enrich our inner spiritual lives.

Likewise, we rarely pay attention to organizational spirituality, ignore it, and offer little or no priority to finding meaning at work.

The concept of workplace spirituality might appear to embrace being religious at work, but nothing can be further from the truth. It doesn’t have much to do with religious traditions or values, as opposed to traditional interpretations.

Let’s dig deeper into this concept and find out what it really means and how you can use it for your own good.


So, what exactly is Workplace Spirituality?

The whole idea of spirituality at work is described as having compassion for others, experiencing a mindful inner awareness in the pursuit of meaningful work, and allowing for transcendence.

In simple terms, it is about seeking purpose, value, and inspiration beyond paychecks and success in one’s work. It’s about people in an organization having a sense of wholeness and unity, as individuals and as a collective. 

The notion of spirituality builds upon an organization’s elements of ethics, values, motivation, work/life balance, and leadership. Spiritual organizations seek to help employees develop and achieve their full potential. They are also concerned about tackling problems that arise from conflicts in the workplace in a progressive and constructive way. 

Today more and more companies are recognizing the value of spirituality. Now, more than ever, people can also see that their job holds deep meaning in their everyday lives. Sounds good, right? 

Having experienced the benefits of workplace wellness and spirituality first hand, we’ve summed up 3 of the most important ones.

Benefits of Workplace Spirituality

The benefits of spirituality in the workplace always begin with the employees. A few other reasons why you ought to practice spirituality at work are; 

  1. More Satisfied Employees

When employees don’t have internal challenges, they are without doubt happier. Such challenges manifest in different ways. A few of them might struggle with multiple pressures that come along with their jobs. Others can have difficulty juggling their 9 to 5 and social lives.

Workplace spirituality can help solve those problems. It’s all about finding the root cause of the issue and making modifications as seen appropriate and needed. 

2. Increased Performance

Employees perform better when the spirituality of the workplace is in place. Happier employees can do more meaningful work. They can put their hearts and mind into everything they do, and hard work won’t seem hard anymore. 

In addition to these benefits, when spirituality is present in the process, employees are also able to work more quickly on their tasks. This leads to an overall improvement in the performance of the company itself.

3. Conscious and Deliberate Work

Many people tend to coast through their careers, from the time they leave school or university, to the time they get their first job and retire. Employees are struggling to find meaning in their work. It’s just not enough to get paid for the job. Alternatively, they need to find sense in what they do. 

Having a sense of belonging and spirituality in the workplace can enhance the personal and professional aspects of employees.

Ways of fostering spirituality at work

The development of a spiritual place of work can be a long and slow process, but with meaningful results. Employers need to adjust the way things are done to promote spirituality at work, rather than only hitting goals.

Bottom Line

Spirituality in the workplace is a trend that did not start too long ago in the Western world. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that’s gaining importance. Corporations are now emphasizing the spiritual values of their employees and realize that it is a concrete way to unlock their full potential. 

At the end of the day, spirituality in the workplace does a lot of good. It refers to both the organization and its workers. In addition, it may even answer the productivity problems of the workplace. Increased spirituality could bridge the gap that many companies fail to recognize.

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